Inuma: The Red Book

The Snowglobe

Inuma is a toolkit for building worlds to explore and then playing in those worlds. Each of those worlds could be called a "snowglobe." Each of them should be contained and centered around the characters you will build for that world.

To build a snowglobe, you'll need two to five friends to help out. Usually, with more friends, you'll have a larger world or one more open-ended.

Open a Blue Book to the first page. There you will find a place to name your world, and a place to write down the first discoverers of it. Your world does not have a name yet, but you can write down who is participating in discovering it.


Turn to the next page in the Blue Book. Here you will find the title "Sources." These are references to other worlds people have created in games, songs, books, movies, or many other places that remind you of what this special and unique world is like. This world's scribe - whoever is holding the Blue Book - should ask the group to name sources that they want to incorporate into this world. You can go around in a circle, or just call stuff out free-form. Each person should contribute at least one source, and no more than two. If you are only playing with two other friends, you can each contribute three.

"Contributing a source" doesn't mean that you have to actually give a source. There are two special phrases you can use in this step, "but with" and "but without." When someone names a source, you can say "but with" and name something you want to add to the source, or "but without" and name something you want to subtract from the source. Only one "but with" and "but without" should be appended to each source.

If at any point in this part of the process any person is unhappy with a source or a clause appended to a source, they may say so and must suggest an alternative. The group must stop and work out a way to incorporate their alternative, or find a compromise between the original idea and their alternative.

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