The Face Of Angels: Act 2: The Ascension

About the act

In this act, the protagonists become known to the world at large. Reactions will not be subtle, and people will want to ally with them and act against them. They will have to choose sides wisely, and it's to be expected that they will end up at cross-purposes.

By the end of the act, they will likely be loved or feared by most of the world.

New rules


In this act, one cannot set stakes that involve any other protagonist character's death or loss of their powers, or the loss of any character in anyone else's part of the pie. You can do whatever you want with the characters in your part of the pie. At maximum, stakes can be about the fate of organized groups of people, up to the size of a city.


If you get bonus cards for a relationship and fail in the contest, that relationship cannot grant you bonus cards for the rest of the act. If the person you were in contest with decides to let you have your stakes anyway, he can flip the relationship - a friend becomes an enemy, or vice-versa.

In this act, protagonists can take relationships with organizations up to the size of a city.


If you play your super-trump in Act 2, you must choose one of the following to happen to your character:
Your physical appearance changes permanently to reflect your powers in some way.

  • Your power works differently than you originally thought. Re-write the power but keep the same trump.
  • You can no longer interact normally in this arena. Whenever you lay down a card that could be a trump, it is.
  • Henceforth, there is a distinct side-effect of your power that you must narrate whenever you use it.
  • Bystanders are irrevocably changed or harmed.

Ending the act

At least one of the following needs to happen:

  • At least one public outcry against one of the player characters occurs.
  • One of the player characters takes a public position.
  • The world at large becomes knowledgeable about the one or more of the player characters.
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