The Face Of Angels: Act 3: The Passion

About the act

On the world stage, what will the protagonists do? Furthermore, when their past lives rise up – old lovers and old enemies use their connections to rise in power – how will they react?

New rules


In this act, one cannot set stakes that involve any other protagonist character's death or loss of their powers. At maximum, stakes can determine the fate of a nation.


If you get bonus cards for a relationship and fail in the contest, that relationship cannot grant you bonus cards for the rest of the act. If the person you were in contest with wants to, he can flip the relationship - a friend becomes an enemy, or vice-versa. If he decides to give you your stakes anyway, he can kill or grievously injure the relationship.

In this act, protagonists can take relationships with organizations as large as a country.


If you play your super-trump in Act 3, you must choose one of the following to happen to your character:

  • You can no longer interact normally in this arena. Whenever you lay down a card that could be a trump, it is.
  • Your power has another effect in addition to what you originally thought. Write the power, but keep the same trump.
  • Your power is effective in a different arena than it once was. Change your trump suit while keeping your power as much the same as possible. This changes your super-trump.
  • Bystanders are irrevocably changed or killed.

Ending the act

One or more of the following needs to happen.

  • A player character kills someone, and it is not kept secret.
  • A relationship of a player character is killed, and the player character is present or connected to the death.
  • A player character exerts his power over a large organized group of humans - a country, state, city, or worldwide group, like a world religion.
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