The Face Of Angels: Act 4: The Fall

About the act

It's the last chance to change the world. What do you do?

New rules


There are no restrictions on stakes.


If you use a relationship and fail in the contest, that relationship cannot be used for the rest of the act. If the person you were in contest with wants to, he can flip the relationship, but only from an enemy to a friend. If he decides to, he can kill or grievously injure the relationship.

In this act, characters can take relationships with any size organization.


If you play your super-trump in Act 4, you must choose one of the following to happen to your character:

  • Your power has another effect in addition to what you originally thought. Write the power, but choose another trump for this power. This leaves you with two super-trumps.
  • Your powers are completely transformed. Re-write them and choose a new trump suit.
  • Bystanders are irrevocably changed or killed.
  • You can no longer interact normally in this arena. Whenever you lay down a card that could be a trump, it is.
  • Your powers are lost forever.


Every player character must be dead, in hiding, controlled, in control, or just like everyone else.

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